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Unsung makeup Heroes: Yves Saint Laurent glossy discolor in Pourpre preview

Yves Saint Laurent glossy discolor in Pourpre preview rocks!

Там! Это намного лучше. I can hear you now. Sorry, however I can’t assist it when it pertains to The Purple One. Hello, Take Me With You? Целовать? Фиолетовый дождь? You understand exactly how it is — you gotta turn it up when you’re bumping Prince.


Speaking of purples that regime (LOL! How’s that for a lazy transition?), I was ferreting with my lipgloss stock last week when I rediscovered one of the biggest purples of all time (IMHO), Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture glossy discolor in Pourpre Preview, or “purple preview” en Francais.

I’ve had purple lipgloss on my mind (and lips) a great deal lately…partly since of Pantone’s color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, making headlines, however it really goes back much additionally than that — at least as far back as my twenty-sixth birthday, when my good friend Jen got me my extremely very first tube of purple lipgloss (Benefit Kiss Me).

Yves Saint Laurent glossy discolor in Pourpre Preview, $34
Gotta like the doe foot
So, Pourpre preview — yeah, it’s $34, however of what it’s worth, with YSL’s glossy Stains, it’s like you’re getting two lip products for the (pretty high) cost of one.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

In this case, the color starts as a gorgeous, glossy orchid violet, which then mellows out to a purplish pink stain.

Основные моменты…

Lasts from 5-6 hours on my lips

Has a moderately moisturizing, somewhat sticky formula that feels rather thick when very first applied

Unflavored, however it smells a bit like eco-friendly apples to me (yum!)

It’s one of the most wearable purples I’ve ever seen, as well as that’s what makes it an Unsung Hero to me. It’s just so frickin’ wearable! It looks great on just about anyone.

It’s purple — however not as well purple, if that makes any type of sense — as well as semi-opaque, so it enables your natural lip color to peek through.

Ooh, purple!

Some purple lip products, especially opaque ones like Topshop’s double Take, are extremely obvious; there’s no mistaking that you’re using something purple, as well as it’s a extremely high fashion, straight-off-the runway look. Not something you might quickly work into your daily makeup routine.

Pourpre Preview, on the other hand, maybe since it lets with a hint of your natural lip color, seems much better fit to genuine life. When you walk into a meeting, the makeup enthusiasts in the space will notice your lovely, special lip color however won’t be all like, “Oh, snap! Is sweetheart truly using full-on purple lips to this meeting? Where does she believe she is — the club?”

What about cheek colors to opt for it? Well, coupling purple lips with a purple or plum blush color can look a bit dated (not that there’s anything wrong with it), however for a lot of genuine life scenarios, I’d wear it with coral or peach cheeks. purple as well as coral/peach combo pair well as well as doesn’t look as well matchy.

That’s Pourpre preview on my lips as well as MAC Cantaloupe on my cheeks


I’ve been using Pourpre preview with MAC’s Cantaloupe (LOVE) as well as Buxom’s Euphoria blush, a bright as well as lovely coral matte. (Side note: do you want me to provide Euphoria the Unsung Heroes treatment? just let me know…’cause it’s type of phenom.)

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