How Do You normally wear Your makeup on the Weekends?

weekend makeup! Yes, I’m in my car
Barely 9 a.m. right here on the West Coast, as well as already I’m believing about the weekend!

In a parallel universe, I would apply false lashes very first thing every Saturday morning before I did anything else. as well as feline liner. as well as glitter. as well as a robotic hovering wind maker would comply with me around everywhere, blowing my hair back to ensure that I appeared like this all the time long…


Fan + hair = magic
There may even be a feather boa and/or tiara in the mix.

It all depends upon my routine for the day… One thing’s for sure — I’d be all glam, all weekend, every weekend. For reals.

But in this universe, since I like to take it simple on the weekends, my weekend makeup’s incredibly chill, or at least it has been lately.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

My normal weekend wear (not necessarily all at the exact same time)

Foundation: MAC deal with & Body, which I’m consumed with, again. let me understand if you requirement me to talk you into it, holla!

Concealer: Bobbi brown Peach color Corrector

Mascara: Maybelline full ‘N Soft Mascara Waterproof, a champion OF pools as well as beaches

Brow Pencil: MAC Veluxe Brow Liner

Waterproof eye liner: (Chanel Santal as well as Beryl

Blush: Lately, Dolce & Gabbana Peach or as well dealt with Who’s Your Poppy

Bronzer: (Guerlain Terra Nerolia

Powder: MAC Blot or Careblends Pressed

Nude lip liner: MAC Subculture

Nude gloss: Clarins immediate Light, MAC huge Baby, Chanel candy glow

A normal weekend makeup look…
And when I have plans to go out to a special dinner or do something with El Hub, then I may do a lot more with my eye makeup, or apply a bright lip like MAC Impassioned or NARS Yu.

So, babe, tell me about your weekend makeup. What do you normally wear? Do you try to keep it minimalist as well as mellow? Or do you like to break complimentary from your oppressive weekday routine by going all-out glam? Spill the legumes! let me understand exactly how you normally wear your makeup on the weekends. If you feel like it, listing the products you use.


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