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Copper Wings on a Wednesday With metropolitan Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in lucky From the Beached Collection

Red Bull isn’t the only that provides you wings!
I can’t keep in mind the last time I used vibrant winged liner such as this on a Wednesday, as well as you understand what I did with it on? I used it to infant story time with Connor. Yup, as well as ya understand exactly how that felt? I tell you exactly how it felt. It felt truly great to wear something jazzier than usual.

I’m still dedicated to pushing myself out of my comfort zone, since let’s get genuine — I’VE BEEN STUCK, as well as I’ve been stuck for a while.


I’m not trying to go ham or full-on Instafabulous, however I’m sorry — I still like makeup, as well as I still like getting dressed up, however I’m likewise constrained, you know? Time is undeniably of the essence at this point in my life, so 1) I don’t have tons of time or patience, as well as 2) I don’t truly like the method my skin feels when I’m using a sh*t ton of makeup.

This is the journey, as well as I’m up for the challenge!

On that note, here’s what occurred this morning: I did this winged liner believing that it looked huge — like big-@ss predatory hawk wings spanning across the sky as well as blocking the sun! — as well as then I took a selfie (which is simplest method to see if your wings are even, BTW) as well as saw that my flicks had disappeared into nothingness.


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Что за!? Where’d they go…?

I looked at the copper wings in the mirror (that’s Lucky, one of the new eyeliners from the metropolitan Decay Beached collection), as well as they looked quite substantial, however they look minuscule in these pics.

You gotta get up in there to see the small sparkles.
Such a odd makeup mystery!

I’m still feeling the liner, though, as well as yes, I most likely understand what you’re thinking. exactly how lots of times has UD done a warm metallic bronze/red/copper eyeliner?

SO lots of TIMES.

But this has the cutest, tiniest pieces of silver micro-glitter, so you get a mixed metals vibe. It’s an out-of-the-box move, IMO, since a lot of brands would’ve chosen gold shine to complement the copper’s warmth. So go on with your poor self, UD!

Lovin’ the bit flecks

This one is strictly for your lash line since of the shine (so no water line action), however before you go into anti-glitter mode (“I provided up on shine when I provided up my booty shorts, WAHHH!!”) enable me to remind you that if Edward the Vampire can twinkle in the sunlight, SO CAN YOU.

The shine bits are small as well as nearly imperceptible unless someone’s all the method up in your grill, so it’s like getting a special surprise for making it that far into someone’s personal space

Поздравляю! You’ve made it near my eyeball! Your prize is glitter!

Oh, this just occurred to me: I believe it would be awesome to layer some bigger silver shine on the ideas of the wings for an ombre effect, so perhaps I’ll do that later… Or perhaps I won’t, because, unfortunately, as well as this has been happening to me a great deal lately, my left eye is incredibly teary today… I believe it’s since of my allergies, which have been cray.


As normal for UD’s 24/7 Glide-On pencils, Beached liner isn’t waterproof, however it’s absolutely long-lasting as well as won’t transfer up into your crease. It likewise stays put when set, which takes about a minute. So, it’s finest for sharp lines with a crisp edge, like with winged liner. just be sure to sharpen the idea very first since you want that idea incredibly sharp — like sharp sufficient to cause bodily damage (BUT PLEASE DON’T poke YOUR EYE OUT).

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